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Worshiping the Cargo Cult: The (de?)Commodification of Burning Man Marches On

Black Rock City – Watched thousands of pagans, actual & momentary, roiling wildly counterclockwise around the collapsed symbol.  Alone amidst thousands beneath the smoggy sky the decision was made to be there again before any real time for consideration.


Audrey Napoleon Sizzling the Hudson Project’s Circus Tent

Hudson Valley – Wandered inside fashionably late.  Finished the Moon Hooch before traversing furrowed reminders of agriculture.  Found her in stride.  Audrey Napoleon disintegrating moisture heavy atmosphere.

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Montréal, Lachine & Igloofest ft. Vilify, Mimosa & Foreign Beggars

Montréal – Made a run at the border to see what would happen.  A polite officer who did her job & a few hours later found Rue Sainte-Catherine bustling through the short lived January sunshine.  Disposable camera purchased with recently … Continue reading

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Post Playa (not technically) Decompression at the Refuge with Sandra Collins & Solovox

Portlanding – Reentry is never easy.  Burning through the atmosphere to find oneself crippled with the bends.  Two weeks into recalibration life muted along. Unfortunately heat shielding may be faulty.  Dark of night two weeks afterward found train tracks receding into … Continue reading


Major Lazer Fights to Free the Universe from General Rubbish at the Roseland Theater

Rose City — Late like usual.  Still trying to figure out how pedestrians work in these parts.  Smiled at the cross dresser huffing a fag before hustling up the street.  Dodged a few bumscussions before turning the corner to follow … Continue reading

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DJ Wicked Demonstrating Proper Movement at Portland’s Crown Room

Portland — The limousine circled for the third time in its wait for the wealthy, slowing to ease 90° before accelerating to a halt in front of red.  Puddles remembered  Portland sunshine as the reflection turned green.  A short walk up … Continue reading

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Threshold: Black Water Snake Celebrates the Chinese New Year at Portland’s Refuge

Portland – Saturday night the year ended for many perched upon our rotating orb.  The lunar year finished its cycle and halfway around the globe hundreds of millions ushered in their fresh start. An ocean away Oregon’s Acupuncture & Naturopathic … Continue reading

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Fertility 2.0 Burning In The Dust )°(

Black Rock City – Holes.  Nothing but holes.  For day after day.  Adirondack cow pastures before company asset reassignment brought a Comfortless Inn on the Delaware and the misery that is New Jersey. Shimmering 2,500 miles past the sunset, a … Continue reading


MadHouse PDX Imports Nom De Strip to Womp The Whiskey Bar with Hatiras

Portlanding – The first day of February ’13 brought relative warmth & sunshine.  The night lights imported some of Scotland’s finest. Lodged the auto a block abaft stationary flashing lights.  Past one of the city’s traditional dancing establishments and around … Continue reading

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Cyberoptics & Direktor Bashing Through the End of the World on a Lost Horizon

Salt City – A few years of public stupidity inflamed by fools, capitalists and a desperate media ended with a whimper Friday night.  December 21, 2012 exited without fanfare, remarked upon only for the extremely quiet day that ensued. Warnings … Continue reading

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