Montréal, Lachine & Igloofest ft. Vilify, Mimosa & Foreign Beggars

just off st catherine's near the st lawrenceMontréal – Made a run at the border to see what would happen.  A polite officer who did her job & a few hours later found Rue Sainte-Catherine bustling through the short lived January sunshine.  Disposable camera purchased with recently exchanged currency & armed with a smile a day began. Continue reading

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The Jill & Julia Show in Flashlight at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts

Lake Placid -  While the snow arrived in force Saturday evening dozens attended the Lake Placid Center for the Arts first free show.  Expressing a desire to make art more accessible regardless of socioeconomics, the program began with a short statement about the Center’s plan to hold at least one donation only show each season.  A mixed crowd ranging from twenty somethings to the more distinguished applauded appreciatively before the house lights dimmed.

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Ludum et Refugium: Treehousing Portland’s CORE Amidst a Cargo Cult

Portlanding – Play & refuge, two of the main things keeping humanity interested in the rest of it.  Visible everywhere one looks, much of our real expression and true creation lies in these.  As one transitional being journeyed west through snow, sleet & fog a group of renegade Portlanders began planning their offering to the cargo cult.

Entering the CORE’s (Circle of Regional Effigies) third iteration, a smaller number of pieces were slated to burn.  Applications required, the proposed build team submitted their creation:  a playa worthy treehouse to remember the children we were and yet remain. ……………………… Continue reading

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A Dallas Drinking Fountain Project – Memories of Jim Crow & Social Judgement In America

Dallas, Texas —”For decades, a seemingly innocuous metal plate attached to a marble wall hung above a public drinking fountain in the Dallas County Records Building. One day in 2003, it fell off.

A public outcry ensued as people learned what that metal plate was
meant to cover up: traces of a Jim Crow “White Only” sign that was removed during desegregation. The metal plate inadvertently preserved a memory that it was meant to help erase…” Continue reading

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Post Playa (not technically) Decompression at the Refuge with Sandra Collins & Solovox

Portlanding – Reentry is never easy.  Burning through the atmosphere to find oneself crippled with the bends.  Two weeks into recalibration life muted along.

Unfortunately heat shielding may be faulty.  Dark of night two weeks afterward found train tracks receding into low frequency vibrations.  Tipped along the rail. ……………. Continue reading

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A “Drug Free Workplace”: Marijuana Reform, Employers & The State of Washington

Not That VancouverFlash! Washington!  To the Evergreen State; where recently legalizing a previously prohibited leaf leaves many of the real questions concerning ingestion of a substance still falling on the wrong side of Federal regulation yet to be answered.  Americans overwhelmingly agree state’s decisions should be left alone by Continue reading

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Putting a Good Foot Toward Clean Water: UkeLadies Headline One Evening’s Fight Against Fluoridation

Bridgetown – Walked in to a broken camera.  After surviving circumnavigation and three years zigzagging the lower 48 the Sony DSC-T90 died sitting on the table.

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Major Lazer Fights to Free the Universe from General Rubbish at the Roseland Theater

Rose City — Late like usual.  Still trying to figure out how pedestrians work in these parts.  Smiled at the cross dresser huffing a fag before hustling up the street.  Dodged a few bumscussions before turning the corner to follow bright lights.

Mismanaging arrival until after commencement has its advantages.  “Oh, you haven’t been here yet,” offered the bouncer after confusedly looking for markings.  A short pat down and welcome.  Waited for the counter help to have a chat before spelling ancestry’s label.  Some teletubbies giggled arrears.
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DJ Wicked Demonstrating Proper Movement at Portland’s Crown Room

Portland — The limousine circled for the third time in its wait for the wealthy, slowing to ease 90° before accelerating to a halt in front of red.  Puddles remembered  Portland sunshine as the reflection turned green.  A short walk up Old Chinatown’s street toward vibrations.

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Hump Night: An Art Social Hosted by Alexeisia’s Center for Arts

Portlanding - Creative Collaborations formed as a nonprofit last year to expand Portland’s slate of community gatherings with the introduction of Hump Day.  In celebration of the work week’s apex a monthly music and arts festival featuring local musicians, artists and vendors shut down three blocks of Portland’s central east side industrial business district.  Meant to be a more vendor friendly alternative to other already established street fairs, Hump Day hosted its first festival last August with three stages for musical acts and forty local artists. Continue reading

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