DJ Wicked Demonstrating Proper Movement at Portland’s Crown Room

Portland — The limousine circled for the third time in its wait for the wealthy, slowing to ease 90° before accelerating to a halt in front of red.  Puddles remembered  Portland sunshine as the reflection turned green.  A short walk up Old Chinatown’s street toward vibrations.

Found The Crown Room where the interweb thought it was, a pair of doors in a busy section of town for a Wednesday.  Snuck past the bouncer just because to find a womp scene in red.

Dozens hung around the edges, drinks in hand.  A half dozen booths sat occupied as King Fader finished up a free form set of blended bass.

Backed out of the small group getting down to locate the facilities and re up the adult beverage.  It’s nice to see a throne’s patrons accorded the proper respect.  Held up the bar queue to talk with the tender about Seattle swiping the Kings before the real noise started.

Decibels cranked upward as DJ Wicked dropped the needle onto vinyl.  Keeping the art of scratching a record alive, he cycled through some of hip hop as it was.  The Fugees & the old school’s best layered over heavy bass beats as the dance floor quickly crowded.

A hard set kept womping as hump day stretched into the next.  Wicked manned the decks skillfully throughout, swapping out records before reminding the kids what djing is.  Stepped back to rest a busted toe amidst the spinning lights as the record spun to its end.

Words through the mic before more repeating beats silenced the ringing.  Gulped a glass of the clear stuff before escaping the noise through late night arrivals.  Outside Portland  leaked, shaking off the day’s rain to prepare for tomorrow.


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