Threshold: Black Water Snake Celebrates the Chinese New Year at Portland’s Refuge

Portland – Saturday night the year ended for many perched upon our rotating orb.  The lunar year finished its cycle and halfway around the globe hundreds of millions ushered in their fresh start.

An ocean away Oregon’s Acupuncture & Naturopathic Associations held an annual benefit.

Arriving early enough to park nearby, bass drifted up the block to beckon revelers onward.  A short line and light groping allowed passage.  “Good for you,” the usher offered when handed a less costly printed ticket.

Escaped the cold to finely dressed stilts and $3 drafts from a smiling bearded stranger.  Decor dripping illumination encircled the space, colors shifting slowly.

Half ’til eleven is still almost early when things carry on until tomorrow.  Clumped conversation stood against the flowing pathways stageward.

Following the crowd through an open entryway found the stage blasting with horns.

A crowd moved to the music in front of the performers.  Around the room others swayed, talking and laughing with friends and acquaintances.  The lights darkened and a pair of acrobats took their turn.  One balancing his counterpart as she moved through the air on their strength.  Glow sticks, hoops and juggling pins were observed since no one enjoys a night club fire.


……………………………………………………………  Friends & family of those lost in Brazil
have our continuing prayers.

Centering attention, offering aloft, NagaSita entered.  Embodying eastern mysticism, the local tribal bellydancer gently placed the offering before arms began slithering.  Controlled contortions rhythmically mimicked her namesake, motions hypnotizing the gathered audience.

Escaped after the spell’d been broken upon her departure.  Sidestepped through the crowd in search of the facilities before being directed out of doors.  Patience under an awning.

Back indoors the wonderfully short changeover was long gone.  Mr. Daniels was absent from the bar for the evening so others would suffice.  Headed back out into the press in search of space between speaker banks.  Clutched the sponsored container while a pair of LA kids began womping out.

Hung for an hour with the dance floor creatures amidst the swirling mass.  As the duo signed off a returned alien abductee took command.  Andreilien shared his fractal journey and glitch bass womp stomps while a dancer shared the stage.

Navigating the throngs once more for fresh air and a beverage.  Passed the photo booth to snap a photo of photographers photographing.  Always good for a laugh.  Outside cars whizzed passed.

Traded one clacking beat for another heading indoors once more.  As the man formerly known as Heyoka wrapped up his portion of the program R/D began arranging his gear.  Heavy dub drops rained as the pair of bars closed shop.  Glimpses of a clown wielding bowling pins aglow ended the eve.

Stretching toward 3 am and the early hour Sunday’s duties would commence began reality’s rude reminder.  Didn’t make it to Shawna.  Tired legs and room temperature rising.  Farewell in purple, nocturnal creatures still moving to the beat, over an hour to go.

Dodged a few kimonos on the way out the door.  Another year over, another yet to come.  Threshold: Black Water Snake provided a spectacular evening where the proceeds benefited some folks trying to change the way things are done.  Well done all around.

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