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The Jill & Julia Show in Flashlight at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts

Lake Placid –  While the snow arrived in force Saturday evening dozens attended the Lake Placid Center for the Arts first free show.  Expressing a desire to make art more accessible regardless of socioeconomics, the program began with a short … Continue reading

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Ludum et Refugium: Treehousing Portland’s CORE Amidst a Cargo Cult

Portlanding – Play & refuge, two of the main things keeping humanity interested in the rest of it.  Visible everywhere one looks, much of our real expression and true creation lies in these.  As one transitional being journeyed west through snow, … Continue reading

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A Dallas Drinking Fountain Project – Memories of Jim Crow & Social Judgement In America

Dallas, Texas —”For decades, a seemingly innocuous metal plate attached to a marble wall hung above a public drinking fountain in the Dallas County Records Building. One day in 2003, it fell off. A public outcry ensued as people learned … Continue reading

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A “Drug Free Workplace”: Marijuana Reform, Employers & The State of Washington

Not That Vancouver – Flash! Washington!  To the Evergreen State; where recently legalizing a previously prohibited leaf leaves many of the real questions concerning ingestion of a substance still falling on the wrong side of Federal regulation yet to be … Continue reading

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Hump Night: An Art Social Hosted by Alexeisia’s Center for Arts

Portlanding – Creative Collaborations formed as a nonprofit last year to expand Portland’s slate of community gatherings with the introduction of Hump Day.  In celebration of the work week’s apex a monthly music and arts festival featuring local musicians, artists … Continue reading

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The FBI & Corporate America: Working Together to Label Peaceful Protestors & Concerned Citizens “Terrorists”

***this piece is about information from an article published here*** ‘merica – Breaking news from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund.  Corporate America and the increasingly aggressive federal government worked together during Occupy’s most powerful days to track potential terrorists.  … Continue reading

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Interweb – Looking for a job?  Economy got you down?  It’s tough out there whatever the maroons in Columbia think and odds are if you found this you’re on the hunt to stay off the street.  Well be careful!  In … Continue reading

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Bribing Democracy, Optical Scans & Voting in an Ignored State

‘merica – Six billion dollars and a politically wasted year later Americans reaffirmed they are a nation divided to the core.  Wednesday brought sudden silence after the months long onslaught of blaring impersonality.   The electorate has chosen and hundreds of … Continue reading

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Professional Victims Raising Funds For Spark Art Space

Salt City – A red door beckoned through the murky city night, plastic hoops revolving through the storefront glass.  Composed vibrations filtered through brick whilst a steady trickle of students, appreciators and fans donated their entry fee. Green printed Lincolns … Continue reading

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Derechos Destroy America: When Will Humanity Accept Climate Change?

‘merica – Flash!  Middle America from Texas to the Northeast is currently being pounded for the second time in a month from a type of storm that has gained notoriety due to wide scale destruction.  Derechos are defined as “a … Continue reading

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