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  1. David Jones says:

    This is my belief, forgive me if I become redundant.
    First lets establish a fact. In order to create something there must be something to create it with. Money for example, in order to make or earn money you have to have a being with the time, will, and effort to get that money even when money is pased down to your children there was a being who had to have the things needed to acquire, earn or ma
    ke that money.
    So that fact being established lets recap, in order to create something there must first be something there to create it with.
    God is existance, the alpha and the omaga, all that is was and ever will be is God. Remember in order to create something there must be something there to begin with so following that line of thought God is first. God created a void a emptyness, even in that void there was something, even in the so called emptyness of space some think something is there a dark energy or dark matter a reverse of matter or energy. I believe this void had a consciousness or awareness and wanted more of a void or of a being so God fragmented, this is what we call the big bang.
    The rest is in the Bible.
    Now science has shown that the universe is expanding and getting larger. I believe that the universe will continue to expand and get larger till all of existance is one again being without void.
    Now you can have no beliefe or follow the void but that is what you will have in the after life nothing or a void. Or you can have a beliefe of a God and that is what you will have in the after life your faith.

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