What is hydrofracking???

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horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking for short,
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The Argument Against Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing (Part I)

Hydraulic Fracturing has gained more attention as the public becomes aware of our government’s machinations.  Hydrofracking for short, it involves shooting a mixture of high powered water, sand and a cocktail of unknown chemicals (they’re a “trade secret”) hundreds, if not thousands, of feet below ground to force natural gas out of the pores of rock, shale in this case.
How they do it

There are benefits to this and a number of potential drawbacks, that in my opinion, far outweigh any possible benefits to the state of New York.

Potential Benefits:

* Economic Development
* Job Creation
* Energy Production
* Increase in Energy Independence
* Tax $$$ for New York State

All of these things are vitally important, especially in the wake of September 11th and the stock market crash that has crippled New York’s revenue.  Unfortunately these are far outweighed by the potential problems created.

Potential Problems:

*Aquifer Pollution
* Drinking Water Contamination
* Air Pollution
* Habitat Destruction
* Importation of workers, creating few to no new jobs for New Yorkers

The link to the video above shows what has happened to some residents here in New York who live miles away from where the drilling is occurring.  This man can ignite his tap water and was told to “drill another well” after contacting the company responsible for the drilling.

Point A is where the drilling occurred, Point B is the man's home

Hydrofracking Beautification

The large pools of water are what is regurgitated after the process has run its course.  It is full of chemicals and sometimes can contain salt contents up to 5x that of ocean water.

There are few, if any, water treatment plants capable of handling the waste water produced by this process, yet it continues.  Our water treatment facilities are already stressed and many times this water is left to do what it will.  Evaporation leaves chemicals in the land and air that poison people, animals and the environment.

What the Government says: The trustworthiness of the American government is questionable at times but here’s some knowledge



Hydrofracking in the NewsI know this is the web, draw your own conclusions




This drilling is unregulated and the companies involved do not even have to tell the government what chemicals they are pumping into the ground.  They used roughly 600 of them in each new well that is fracked.  They also claim that their drilling is not the cause of people’s problems with their water supplies.  People that have lived on this land for generations have never had a problem until drilling began.  Do you really believe this is a coincidence?

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