Archnemesis and Govinda Spreading Holiday Cheer at Public Assembly

Brooklyn.  Site of my second arrest and Midwestern refugees pretending they didn’t grow up across the street from cornfields.  Hopefully an evening of electronic thumpings wouldn’t involve either.  Trains after marching through lower Manhattan with the men and women who keep them running.  Wrist band accessorized, the large dark skinned bouncer asked me about a man named Crazy Matt.

Two rooms and an L-shaped hallway make up the space.  Initial chamber sealed, attendants were shepherded toward the back bar and speakers trilling through the glitchy offerings of Outlet.

Drink specials scribbled across a chalkboard beside an overwhelmed bartender, despite a modest showing of dozens.  Red Stripe tall boys.  Someone ascended the steps as the next act quickly arranged gear, dropping a festooned Christmas tree stage right.  A violin appeared as the final connections were made, sound beginning to spill.

An Irish gypsy, or maybe a Romani mick, took over.  Classically trained as a violinist, Govinda propelled his particular blend of sonic musings while the assembled public proceeded to get down.

Drawing together dubbish warblings, glitchy shutterings and the seductive sonancies of gypsy violin, Govinda made the trip as the final stop on an East Coast holiday swing.  A true musician, violin strings vibrated above the electronic score, live music gifted to punctuate the composition.  Orange and yellow lights rotated, bathing the audience and performer in turn, assemblage moving to the mysterious maestrations.

Archnemesis didn’t let the speakers breathe for long.  The duo began creating the expansive sound that’s created a full tour schedule and burgeoning fan base.  Downtempo at times, their brand of electronica spans a host of subgenres, self described as “ghetto tech.”  Incorporating samples ranging from soul to hip hop and horn laden overlays, their original constructions mesh fluidly, creating upbeat tracks that keep dance floors moving.

That Thursday’s performance exceeded their Bisco appearance.  The half full club swayed in time before the altar of amplified music as the season’s pagan festival approached.  Archnemesis kept the bass thumping, spacey distortions rippling the air until the wee hours.  The set featured a number of slices from their latest offering, People’s Radio, until it was time to go.  Check it out on their website, fo’ free!

Babbled with other mostly deaf folks out front, missing the normal December chill.  Bartender’d charged one drink too many.  Friends of Outlet made the trip down from New Hampshire.  Performers hustling their gear out the door, into waiting trunks and trucks.  Love, not glamour.  Another show somewhere else tomorrow.  Aimed back toward the underground as activity fled into empty space.  Everyone off, separate in their journeys once again.

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