Audrey Napoleon Sizzling the Hudson Project’s Circus Tent

audrey napoleon destroying the circus tent at the hudson projectHudson Valley – Wandered inside fashionably late.  Finished the Moon Hooch before traversing furrowed reminders of agriculture.  Found her in stride.  Audrey Napoleon disintegrating moisture heavy atmosphere.

audrey napoleon dropping new shiz at the hudson project's circus tentaudrey napoleon reminding folks that some djs actually mixSlid through the rapidly thickening mud, sneaking up the right edge to feel speakers heaving bottom heavy.

Easier to move through a crowd shimmering to the beat.  Found the sweet spot & relaxed.

audrey napoleon during friday afternoon at the hudson projectaudrey napoleon in yellow at the hudson project's circus tentBought the ticket after one glance at packed lineup.  Hoped everyone’d appear, performer & legions of fandom.

Months later Mz. Napoleon’s throbbing reconstructions pelted the gathered.

audrey napoleon in blackLost within the massive projections spiraling.  Damn girl…

audrey napoleon on stage antics at the hudson projectI like the way you movin’ to the drum

audrey napoleon and the crowd getting down at the hudson projectaudrey napoleonThings got hectic, heavy beats thickening the crowd while other shows spilled out across the grounds.

Festivals are built for discovery.

getting down in the circus tent with audrey napoleon at the hudson projectFound Audrey on stage accidentally in Philadelphia ten thousand miles ago.  Prolly one of the few who came out specifically to see her.  Two years later a performer progressed.

audrey napoleon in time in the circus tentaudrey napoleon crooningThe Hudson Project was a return to music.  Instruments, vocals & everything that spawned the digital perfection assaulting old ways.

Microphone issues, but such is life when a stage holds a dozen performers a day hoisting different gear.  Still nice.  Audrey sang for us.

audrey napoleon singing at the circus tent in the hudson projectionSigned off with a smile, mic still flubbing in hand.  Danced like a motherfucker.  & it was only the afternoon of day one.  No cancellation in sight.  Worshipers screaming thanks.

audrey napoleon  is a sex goddessA few days and dozens of acts later she still stood out.  Unbelievably projecting while dropping something worth moving to in a watered down world.  Hopefully see you before two more years scrape by.  Much love.  Keep at it.  The world needs a happy beat.

Found her new sex tape.  Been getting the eff down while scribbling.  Lots from the set to spark those chemical memories.  Free Download Here <——–

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