Boots n’ Shorts ft. Dan Maffei at the 6th Tipperary Hill Music Festival

Syracuse – Undaunted by a mid afternoon deluge, hundreds made their way to James Pass Arboretum near Burnett Park for the 6th annual Tipperary Hill Music Festival.  Bringing together an assortment of local musicians across three stages,  the family friendly event hosted area food and craft vendors for attendees with the help of sponsors.

Dreadfully typical politician Dan Maffei appeared in support of his current bid for (re)election to the House of Representatives.  Featuring a plastic smile, abhorrently cliched platform and broad statements about how he would fix things without actually saying how he plans to fix things, Maffei typifies what is wrong with Washington politics and why the current brand of legislator has little chance to right our sinking ship.  Another politician is the last thing we need to elect.

Small groups left and arrived as the festival wound toward its last few musical performers, Saturday afternoon drifting toward evening.  A host of canopies and pop ups provided shelter from the spouting heavens.  This intrepid reporter, along with many others, waited out the storm before making an appearance.

Rotating stages in the center allowed almost continuous music while a pair of smaller platforms provided diversion.  The Causeway Giants brandishing celtic rock, covering others’ tunes interspersed with their own.

Just down the hill the grove stage hosted a different flavor of folk.  Local foursome Boots n’ Shorts brought their best bluegrass blendings for the few dozen live viewers swaying, dancing and hooping before them.  A drum backed symphony of strings left the dreary skies and passing weather an afterthought.

Homeward bound, one passerby reflecting the current state of the world for more people than ever with a garbage bag full of cans in tow.  Ignored or looked down upon as he cleaned up the garbage others couldn’t bother with.  A reminder of the state of affairs that is humanity in a time of economic distress amidst a collapsing way of life.  At least the trees remain tended for all.

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