DJ Wicked Demonstrating Proper Movement at Portland’s Crown Room

Portland — The limousine circled for the third time in its wait for the wealthy, slowing to ease 90° before accelerating to a halt in front of red.  Puddles remembered  Portland sunshine as the reflection turned green.  A short walk up Old Chinatown’s street toward vibrations.

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Hump Night: An Art Social Hosted by Alexeisia’s Center for Arts

Portlanding – Creative Collaborations formed as a nonprofit last year to expand Portland’s slate of community gatherings with the introduction of Hump Day.  In celebration of the work week’s apex a monthly music and arts festival featuring local musicians, artists and vendors shut down three blocks of Portland’s central east side industrial business district.  Meant to be a more vendor friendly alternative to other already established street fairs, Hump Day hosted its first festival last August with three stages for musical acts and forty local artists. Continue reading

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Threshold: Black Water Snake Celebrates the Chinese New Year at Portland’s Refuge

Portland – Saturday night the year ended for many perched upon our rotating orb.  The lunar year finished its cycle and halfway around the globe hundreds of millions ushered in their fresh start.

An ocean away Oregon’s Acupuncture & Naturopathic Associations held an annual benefit.
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Fertility 2.0 Burning In The Dust )°(

Black Rock City – Holes.  Nothing but holes.  For day after day.  Adirondack cow pastures before company asset reassignment brought a Comfortless Inn on the Delaware and the misery that is New Jersey.

Shimmering 2,500 miles past the sunset, a city began taking shape in the dust.  Six weeks maintaining ‘merican infrastructure in record heat and the pilgrimage home could begin.

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MadHouse PDX Imports Nom De Strip to Womp The Whiskey Bar with Hatiras

Portlanding – The first day of February ’13 brought relative warmth & sunshine.  The night lights imported some of Scotland’s finest.

Lodged the auto a block abaft stationary flashing lights.  Past one of the city’s traditional dancing establishments and around the corner found a short queue.  Light rail tracks ran away aside a modest sign.

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Ay Fast – Nice Arps

This review was written for and originally published by
Upstate Soundscape
a radio show on 91.3 WBNY out of Buffalo, NY
bringing you the best in experimental sounds cooked up across New York

Tuning through the galactic interference of interstellar radio, Ay Fast‘s new album Nice Arps opens with vibrating frequencies.  Eerie darkness floats across the Buffalo-by-way-of-Cleveland artist’s sonic backdrop, rattling distortion bending into jabbering dissonance.  Upbeat waves of “Shriggda” roll outward, hollow conversation beating back and forth between mumbling visitors.

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The FBI & Corporate America: Working Together to Label Peaceful Protestors & Concerned Citizens “Terrorists”

***this piece is about information from an article published here***

‘merica – Breaking news from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund.  Corporate America and the increasingly aggressive federal government worked together during Occupy’s most powerful days to track potential terrorists.  These “terrorists” included activists, concerned citizens, seniors, professors, students and anyone else who decided to stand up against the blatant corruption eating away at the cancerous core of a once proud nation. …………………….. Continue reading

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Cyberoptics & Direktor Bashing Through the End of the World on a Lost Horizon

Salt City – A few years of public stupidity inflamed by fools, capitalists and a desperate media ended with a whimper Friday night.  December 21, 2012 exited without fanfare, remarked upon only for the extremely quiet day that ensued.

Warnings of snow mumbled from the speakers below the rhythmic wicking of wiper blades.  Rain splattered the mobile cage’s front window. Continue reading

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Interweb – Looking for a job?  Economy got you down?  It’s tough out there whatever the maroons in Columbia think and odds are if you found this you’re on the hunt to stay off the street.  Well be careful!  In a rapidly devolving, faceless society hiding behind screens the opportunities for scam artists are safer than ever.  Enter JobsRadar.

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Camp Bisco XI Womps Mariaville’s Indian Lookout Once Again

Mariaville – After two years of mayhem, packed houses and parking lot roadways much speculation took place that local residents would finally stand and say enough was enough.  In the end townsfolk decided they’d rather have greenbacks than three more sleepy days.

Learning from their mistakes, the event’s planners mostly solved one of the event’s overarching issues threatening future gatherings.  Rural New York infrastructure unable to absorb explosive growth over the last four years resulted in freeway style congestion for miles in every direction.  A further year of reflection brought enlightenment.

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