Archnemesis and Govinda Spreading Holiday Cheer at Public Assembly

Brooklyn.  Site of my second arrest and Midwestern refugees pretending they didn’t grow up across the street from cornfields.  Hopefully an evening of electronic thumpings wouldn’t involve either.  Trains after marching through lower Manhattan with the men and women who keep them running.  Wrist band accessorized, the large dark skinned bouncer asked me about a man named Crazy Matt.

Two rooms and an L-shaped hallway make up the space.  Initial chamber sealed, attendants were shepherded toward the back bar and speakers trilling through the glitchy offerings of Outlet.

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Ay Fast – Always Crying

This review was written for and originally published by
Upstate Soundscape
a radio show on 91.3 WBNY out of Buffalo, NY
bringing you the best in experimental sounds cooked up across New York

Meshing madness, life, and a slew of electronic vibrations, Ay Fast’s Always Crying slices through eleven tracks at varying speeds.  An organized cacophony, the soundscapes produced by Adrian Bertolone span a host of electronica’s self-described sub-genres.  Ambient, dubish and glitchy by turns, the online offering presents a glimpse of our crumbling future.

artwork by Clarke Curtis

Mechanical reverberations open things up as “Chirped Off That” spacily swirls passed, echoing transmissions and setting the stage over an eerie backdrop before moving toward earthbound madness.  A lazy island cadence bleeds into furiously flashing lenses and bouncing bass wobblings.  “Eat The Camera” then offers some needed advice to the ever growing legions of image obsessed earthlings.

Experimentation merging with composition, Bertolone’s sonic imagery stems from the society our forbearers left for our corruption.  “Kong Doom” Continue reading

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Deadmau5 Shakes the Washington Avenue Armory

Lines.  Always lines.  Around the block.  Around the building.  Down the street.  If guitars aren’t involved the security groping is twice as violating for some reason.  Tonight’s shape was an elongated L around a trailer parked in front of the Washington Avenue Armory.  Thumping beats permeated the century old walls, military construction now housing entertainment the establishment doesn’t approve of.

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Help Save the Delaware River Basin from Hydraulic Fracturing!

This meeting has been canceled as the governor of Delaware
definitively states he will vote “No” on the issue.
The rally will still be held on Monday to show support against drilling.

This does not protect the Delaware River in the long term,
but it’s an important victory for now.  Stay vigilant and don’t stop fighting.

The Delaware River Basin contains the drinking water of millions.   Run off begins in the Catskill mountains, traveling south as 216 tributaries combine to form the Delaware River on its’ southerly journey.

Forming the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the Delaware supplies drinking water for roughly 5% of Americans, 15 million souls.  The recent growth of natural gas development throughout Pennsylvania puts this water at risk.
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Late Night at Fontana’s with some New Moods

New York City’s CMJ Music Marathon celebrated it’s 31st festivity last week.  Scattering over 1,200 acts across venues throughout the boroughs, CMJ lures industry professionals and scenesters to the city for five days in October.  Originally a showcase for college radio, the addition of a film festival to its slate over a decade ago brought wider relevance.

Today CMJ continues featuring up and coming acts from NYC and elsewhere.  Panel discussions, movie premieres and parties fill the schedule.  Passes are available for the week, allowing venue hopping, but single show tickets are still trafficked for the less ambitious.

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Commencing Cleveland’s Occupation

wealthiness is godliness

Parked the car on 13th street after searching for a time.  The citizens of Ohio began their occupation on the sixth, a Thursday.  Today was Friday.  Towering buildings surrounded city streets, many bearing emblems of financial institutions.  The assemblage location was found empty upon arrival, necessitating further scouring of downtown.

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The Occupation of Wall Street and the Brooklyn Bridge

A fellow hitchhiker informed about the plan to occupy Wall Street sometime toward dawn beneath a portable light.  It was Labor Day, Exodus.  Tens of thousands gushing through a pinhole exiting the burn.  He was thumbing to New York.  Followed the story at home.  Found the live feed when 700 people were watching, no one really sure what direction the evolution would take.

Arrests and minimal media coverage.  Word spread sporadically, live feed bringing people to the cause.  No explanation was given other than dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in this nation and the world at large.

The feeling that something major would happen with the weekend proved correct as a roadway became shut down by protesters.  The world became aware as young girls were maced while standing still, trapped behind an orange barricade.  Outrage ensued.

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Hitching to Burn )°(

Ideas begin their existence the same way anything else does, as a seed.  Most are discarded, crowded out before they can grow by deeply rooted ideals around them.  Others take hold, beginning their metamorphosis into a thought.

The idea for this excursion blossomed somewhere between self-assurance and lunacy.  Burning Man is an undertaking for any participant.  A week in one of the planet’s most hostile environments is a test of survival and self reliance, or how much crap one can stuff into an RV.  Many burners spend weeks, if not months getting ready each year.  Planning and preparation should not be taken lightly. Continue reading

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The Value of Safety

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The Argument Against Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing (Part I)

Drilling continues unabated across the Pennsylvania landscape despite recent problems and a swelling of grass roots opposition.  Claims made by energy proponents and corporations continue stating there is no threat to ground water. No credible evidence of problems despite using chemicals known to be toxic, radioactive and poisonous in the process.

Energy production has returned to America!  This is our energy solution for the next 100 years!  It will end our dependence on foreign oil!  Natural gas is much cleaner when it burns isn’t it?  We all know that!  Members of the government and political candidates are shouting the praises.  Jobs will come back.  Everything will be great.  Just let us drill.  The Federal land that is owned by you, the taxpayers, will be just fine.  Leave everything to us.

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