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Budget Woes, Partisan Politics & Trickle-Down Economics: A New Face on Failed Policy

Making headlines through the barrage of Republican primary monotony (lovingly dubbed “endless suffrage” by John Stewart) and health care deliberations, the opening salvos were fired in what will most likely become a protracted budget scuffle on Capitol Hill.  The federal … Continue reading

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Help Save the Delaware River Basin from Hydraulic Fracturing!

This meeting has been canceled as the governor of Delaware definitively states he will vote “No” on the issue. The rally will still be held on Monday to show support against drilling. This does not protect the Delaware River in … Continue reading

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Commencing Cleveland’s Occupation

Parked the car on 13th street after searching for a time.  The citizens of Ohio began their occupation on the sixth, a Thursday.  Today was Friday.  Towering buildings surrounded city streets, many bearing emblems of financial institutions.  The assemblage location … Continue reading

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The Occupation of Wall Street and the Brooklyn Bridge

A fellow hitchhiker informed about the plan to occupy Wall Street sometime toward dawn beneath a portable light.  It was Labor Day, Exodus.  Tens of thousands gushing through a pinhole exiting the burn.  He was thumbing to New York.  Followed … Continue reading

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The Value of Safety

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